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"Let me be quiet"

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#le crew #literally all our phone conversations

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see also “don’t get me started”

and “I’m a god-fearing woman,” or it’s variation “I’ma Christian.”

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"Let me not."

"I probably shouldn’t say this."

"*Abruptly changes the subject*"


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"Ol’ Girl _______"
1. How one refers to a female of whom their name cannot be remembered. 2. how one shows they are speaking about someone of whom they are unfamiliar with but has some details about 3. how one refers to a female they believe is insignificant. African American Proverb (via blackproverbs)


keep in mind many men don’t really like women, they like the high regard afforded them by other men when seen with a certain kind of woman. they like the confirmations of their masculinity and sexual prowess when engaging physically with a woman, and they like the ego boost of being attractive to many women. but they do. not. like. women.

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For those who find “new Black” appealing but lack the necessary funds to buy into it, try refurbished Black. The refurbished Black, too, “dreams and realizes that it’s not a pigmentation; it’s a mentality,” but does so while being stopped and frisked coming home from work rather than lounging in a private villa on St. Barths. What’s important is that the quality of those dreams and realizations are identical. Refurbished Black.

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can you imagine how many linkin park amvs there would be if attack on titan came out in 2003

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cosplay more like co$play

More like €o$p£a¥



how did you all miss cospay

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And it’s been surprisingly ok, though my interest has substantially decreased since the new arc started and nobody’s life was in danger.

But I’m just sitting here like… am I supposed to feel bad for Suguha? Kazuto distances himself from kendo (and by association, her) goes essentially comatose for 2 years, and when he wakes up, she realizes she’s soooo in love. But she doesn’t even know this dude’s screename! Let alone anything else about him. And now she’s salty that he fell in love with another girl. One that he actually talked to, who had a thing or two in common with him…

Well, found my least favorite character. She would’ve been better off just being a relatively badass Mary Sue in-game than with this shitty real world one-sided romance. And I swear to god if I’ve spent the past several episodes listening to Kazuto and Asuna angst about each other for him to decide his sister/cousin is a better match for him, I’m finding the writer and snapping their neck.

And it’s not that I condone falling in love with someone based around how often you save each other’s lives in a dystopian future where mad scientists trap you in a death game, but it just seems to make a lot more sense for him to have gotten to know some things about Asuna after working together for 2 years. Meanwhile Suguha is just amazed that it was possible. Even if the SAO incident never happened, he’d probably have some other IRL girlfriend because they don’t fucking talk to each other about anything but what he wants for dinner! Jesus.

Ok, sorry. I just came to the conclusion that she’s one of the worst characters I’ve ever witnessed and I had to vent. Carry on