I really hate trying to figure out if I have a friend or enemy in terms of the quest for equality. Like, you see the blatant anti-sjw, racist, sexist, heteronormative, etc. Nonsense and you’re like “ok, we’re not cool. Moving on.” But then you see those who sit a little in the middle and you can’t figure out if they’re telling the overly-adamant allies to chill or if they’re stanning for some bullshit too. Lol.

The most commonly seen by me would be the “I’m black and I’m not offended” act like nigga is universally acceptable, cultural appropriation isn’t that big a deal types. (Works with other POC too but I’ll speak from what I know best) You feel like you can kinda trust them at first. Sometimes you right. sometimes next thing you know, they’re defending all sorts of self-hating, ignorant bullshit. Like it’s one thing to be like “hey, I’m cool. Happy I’ve never been profiled, or stereotyped to my face, or put in jail for 8 years for smoking a joint. But I can see why folks are upset.” It’s another to be on this “new black. Quit talking about racism. Yt people look great in locs: Quit hatin. Reverse-racism is real” uncle tom, unhelpful bullshit.

Basically I can’t always quite tell who’s trying to send a friendly reminder that equality isn’t getting revenge and overthrowing the oppressors to become the new ones, and who’s trying to silence those speaking out against inequality.

I don’t like it -_-



I put the pro in procrastination

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